Multihead weighing & Vertical Bagging system 2013-11-12
Bucket Elevator for material feeding, Multihead weigher for quantitive weighing, and vertical bagger machine for packing film form fill seal,  and inspecting system for metal detecting and weight checker, suitable for all solid granular products weighing and packing for food or non-food in... More>>
Multihead + Twin Former VFFS System 2013-12-26
Consist of one 14head, twin former tuber VFFS machine, work with bucket elevator, output conveyor and inspecting system, ideal complete solution for beans, candy, paste, etc project. More>>
Multihead weigher+Rotary pouch machines (pre-made) 2013-11-12
Bucket elevator for auto material feeding, multihead weigher for material weighing and rotary pouch machine finish the premade bag pick up, open, fill, seal, etc, ideal turnkey solution for pre-made bagging system, widely apply for rice, beans, candy and frozen fruits. Also for nuts and plastic proj... More>>
Double Conveyor Packing Line for Limited Space 2013-12-25
This customized dual conveyor packing line system is special for the limited height of the facility, first conveyor is to finish the material feeding to the multihead, the set value weight portion will be dumped from the multihead, the second conveyor will be conveyed to the portion material to the ... More>>

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