Combine metal detector & check weigher

SW-CD30 Combine Metal Detector & Check Weigher
It is suitable for checking weight of various product, which contain metal and over weight or less weight will be rejected out. Qualified products will be passed into next equipment.

Working Principle

1). Product will be infeed to metal detector from output conveyor on packaging machine;
2). If product do not contain metal, it will be passed to check weigher for checking weight;
3). If product contain metal, metal detector will send a signal to check weigher, check weigher PLC will ask reject arm to reject this bag into left hand bin;
4). When product come to check weigher, if actual weight over or less preset weight, check weigher PLC will ask rejct arm to reject this bag into right hand bin (reject bin is optional);
5). If product weight qualify, it will be passed into next equipment;
6). If unqualify product did not reject out and still go to next equipment, machine will alarm and stop working (Option);

Optional reject bin function

When rejected products full up to 2/3 height, it will detect by photo sensor, and then machine will alarm to remind operator to take out the rejected products before it full of the reject bin


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