SW-M14 1.6L 14 Head chips Multihead Weigher

Smartweigh Standard Modular 14head, normal plate, 1.3L weighing hopper, waterproof construction, touch screen control,  for wide application in food or nonfood industry, weighing range from 10 to 2000g, speed up to 120portion/min.  

As a leading multihead weigher manufacturer, Smart Weigh adopts latest CAN BUS electronics and DSP technology, each head unit with modular system control, easy operation and maintenance, widely used in food and non-food industry.

Smart Weigh's SW-M14 is one of the best-selling popular model multiheads in the market, with its compact design, excellent workmanship and stable performance, weight range is from 10g to 2000g, speed up to 70-120 portion per min; with the feature of free tool installation, users friendly touch screen control panel, other customized options are available as per the exact project, quality ensurance and affordable for most food or non-food packaging needs.


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