Technical Q&A

Q: How the Smartweigh Multiheads works?
A:  Material arrives to top center and is fed by the linear vibrator feeders to the feeding buckets. Then, it is discharged to the weighing hopper. When a best combination close to the target weight is found, selected weigh buckets dump product through the dump chute to the other packaging system.

Q:  What's the function of Smartweigh Multiheads?
A:   The SMARTWEIGH SMW series of intelligent modular multihead packaging weigher is an automatic high-speed and high-precision weighing solution equipment according to the product’s preset target weight or target pieces.

Q: Smartweigh's Multihead Benefit?
A:  Save material cost (High precision)
      Save labor cost (Full automatic)
      Large-scale production (High speed)
      Facilitate the management (High efficiency & Low maintenance)

Q:  What industry application of the Smartweigh Packaging?
A:  Leisure food: ▪potato chips  ▪biscuit  ▪jelly  ▪confectionary  ▪sweet  ▪beans 
Agriculture products: ▪rice  ▪dry fruit  ▪cereal  ▪vegetable(onion, potato, etc) 
Frozen Seafood: ▪meat ball  ▪dumpling  ▪prepared food
Industry products: ▪connectors   ▪rubber part   ▪hardware part
Pharmaceutical Industry: ▪pills  ▪small granule sachet

Q:  What advantages of Smartweigh Multihead?
A:   On Mechanicals:
Rigid and compact 4-side base-frame design with sand-surface execution;
Knob to install and adjust the in-feed funnel on 2 supporting-pole;
Deep U-shape feeder pan for more material application;
Mold-built hopper, actuator housing, middle frame, etc;
Slide-dump chute can be front and back adjusted with knob-fasten design;
Flange outlet design for more flexible usage;
New timing hopper design avoid material break-through; 
On Software Program: 
Eview touch screen with more stable and sensitivity performance;
User-friendly icons design for simple ‘stupid’ operation;
Include sufficient practical-useful function settings;
Free set the parameter value during running;
Screen with SS outlet covering avoid external shock;
All the main menus can be observed at one screen;
Simultaneous display the load cell weight separately on running;
Individual modular control system for each actuator and vibrator;

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