How to realize the breakthrough development of domestic grain packing factory's home

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-19
Our company is specialized in the particle packing factory, professional development, production and sales of particle packing machine can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics, tea, cosmetic, desiccant, plastic, metal and other industries, the company since its establishment, with & other; Make the production more simple & throughout; As the enterprise mission, & other; Do one hundred brand, become outstanding packaging industry & throughout; Vision for the enterprise, has the innovation of idea, by the good faith and win-win attitude, continue to create value for customers, to win customer satisfaction, if you have any demand for our products, welcome to continue to focus on learning about the company advisory! In the previous article, we have to introduce you to the particle packing factory domestic and international similar products, details please refer to the gap of the packing of particles at home and abroad vendors would ', today we will be in the paper as an opportunity to introduce you to this background, the domestic grain packing factory should be how to change. Collectivization, scale, and 1: concentrated enterprise collectivization development, production capacity continue to scale, and in pursuit of economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the current capital, strong technical strength is not enough, should not blindly import production line, can be used into large machinery enterprises to provide spare parts production mode. 2, improve product technology content: no good technology as backing, enterprise's development is not possible to go for a long time. Mechanical and electrical integration, intelligence, to the product information development, the introduction of new technology, accelerate the enterprise ISO9000 certification process. Further improve technical level, stability and reliability of equipment. Face up to reality, the positive change in this state, improve product development ability, form their own ability to innovate, to catch up. 3, strengthen new product development innovation, food packaging machinery in our country are mostly developed on the basis of reference of imported equipment, with the gap larger or blank products abroad, should actively introduce technology, digestion and absorption, by gradually through to a comprehensive grasp. To have certain basis but has certain disparity with the similar foreign products adopt the method of learning, to strengthen the related key technologies and core technology research, encourage the development of innovation. 4, open up a new situation: products are exported to China food and packaging machinery technology, superior quality and competitive price moderate, very suitable for economic conditions in developing countries and regions, exports to these countries and regions in the future prospect, part of the equipment can also exports to developed countries. To sum up, the domestic various particle packing factory house if you want to a breakthrough in the current development situation, it is necessary to firmly grasp the core of the product technology, and adhere to the road of the above, plus the support of the government policies, the domestic food packaging machinery industry will one day to catch up with the domestic similar enterprises.
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