Multihead Packing Machine & System

Multi head packing machine Series: We offer vertical packing machine and rotary packing machine. The vertical form fill seal machine can make pillow bag, gusset bag and quad-sealed bag. Rotary packing machine is suitable for premade bag, doypack and zipper bag. Both VFFS and pouch packing machine is made of stainless steel 304, flexibly work with different weighing machine, such as multihead weigher, linear weigher, combination weigher, auger filler, liquid filler and etc. Products are able to pack powder, liquid, granule, snack, frozen products, meat, vegetables and etc, easy to operate and maintain‎.

 Cookie Granule Packing Machine

 Powder Vertical Packaging Machine

Multifunctional Meat Packing Machine

Multihead Candy Packing Machine 

Dimpled Plate 14 Head Multi Weigher

Twin Discharge 20 Head Weigher

24 Head Two Mixture Weigher

18 Head Fish Combination Weigher

Factory & Solution

Established since 2012,  Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is a reputable manufacturer in the design, manufacture and installation of multihead weigher, linear weigher, check weigher, metal detector with high speed and high accuracy and also provides complete weighing and packing line solutions to meet the various customized requirements. Smart Weigh Pack appreciates and comprehends the challenges faced by food manufacturers. Working closely with all partners, Smart Weigh Pack uses its unique expertise and experience to develop advanced automated systems for weighing, packing, labeling and handling of food and non-food products. 

We are Factory

Own high-tech equipment, put forward the progress of automation technology, modern multifunctional standard workshop with high safety, making progress in designing, technology and services.

Turnkey Solution

We have our own machine designing engineer team, R&D engineer team, provide customize weigher and packing system ODM service to meet customers' requirements for special projects.

Qualified Raw Materials

As a factory with business license and certificate.  We select high-quality and qualified raw materials and related parts. Usually Material are SUS304, SUS316, Carbon steel.

Technical Support

We have Professional engineers with years experience for special projects such as high speed snack & peanut projects, 3-4kg sugar projects, meat projects, etc.

Rich Products Series

Smart Weigh was built up 4 main machine categories, each machine categories has many dis-aggregated classification, especially weigher. We are glad to recommend you the right machine depends on your project requirements.

Well-Trained Service  

Smart Weigh not only pay highly attention to pre-sales service, but also after sales service. We built up a well-trained oversea service team, concentrating on machine installation, commissioning, training and other services.

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