Smart Weigh product details: Smart Weigh SW-M10 10 Head Multihead Weigher
It is one of the hot-selling products of Smart Weigh.
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Smart Weigh SW-M10 10 Head Multihead Weigher is made of qualified SUS304, SUS316, Carbon steel. It has a novel structure design. The measured data indicates that Smart Weigh SW-M10 10 Head Multihead Weigher meets the market requirements. The adoption of advanced technology allows to deliver leading production efficiency. Depending on no-grade vibrating feeding system, Smart Weigh SW-M10 10 Head Multihead Weigher bears the characteristics of more fluently products flowing . It is widely applied in such fields as smaller granule and powde weighing. It is approved by CE. If the warranty period of 1 year(s) expires, you need to pay for the cost for extra warranty service. Customized services are available. If you are a fan of Smart Weigh SW-M10 10 Head Multihead Weigher, please leave out the following content and directly click on

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