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How to pack coffee? Some essential Factors to be Considered When Selecting Coffee Packaging


Your coffee packaging is your brand ambassador, what keeps your coffee fresh. It is a vital piece of your marketing and ensures the quality of your product on its journey to reach your loyal consumers.


Here are some Factors To Consider:


1. Types of coffee packaging bags

As you look at store shelves in the coffee section, you will likely see 5 main types of coffee packaging bags, shown below: 



A quad seal bag is very popular in the coffee industry. This bag has 4 side seals, can stand up, and is attention-grabbing for its first look. This coffee packaging bag type holds its shape very well and can support heavier fills of coffee. The quad seal bag usually is more costly than pillow bag styles.

Read about how Riopack coffee by using VFFS packing machine to create their coffee bags.



The flat bottom coffee bag is one of the most popular packaging formats in the coffee industry. It features a prominent shelf presence and is able to stand unassisted for maximum impact. Often the top of the bag is folded over or completely down into a brick shape and sealed.


PILLOW BAG and pillow gusset bag valve inserting

The most economical and simplistic bag type, the pillow bag is often used for fractional, single-serve coffee packaging formats. This bag style lays flat for display purposes. The pillow bag is by far the least costly to produce. Read about how The USA customer by using VFFS packing machine to creat their coffee gusset bags.



Fractional packs of coffee can be packaged bag-in-bag into a larger package for foodservice or bulk sale purposes. Modern coffee packaging machines can form, fill, and seal the smaller frac packs and subsequently package those into a larger outer wrap on a single bag-in-bag. With our latest stick weigher can count the coffee stick or small retails coffee bags, and pack them into pouch machines. Check video here.



With a flat top and a rounded, oval-shaped bottom, the Doypack or stand-up pouch differentiates itself from more typical coffee package types. It gives the consumer an impression of a premium, small-batch product. Often fitted with zippers, this coffee packaging bag type is beloved by consumers for its convenience. This bag style usually costs more than other more simple bag types. While they are much better looking when purchased premade, and then filled and sealed on an automatic pouch packing machine.

Check out how our customer “Blackdrum”to pack their ground coffee and coffee beans into their premade quad seal bag.


2. Coffee freshness factors

Will your product be distributed to stores, cafes, businesses, or shipped to end-users nation- or worldwide? If so, your coffee will need to stay fresh until the very end. To accomplish this, Modified Atmosphere Packaging options can be used.


The most popular modified atmosphere packaging system is ONE-WAY DEGASSING VALVES, which allow the natural build-up of carbon dioxide in freshly roasted coffee an escape route while not letting oxygen, moisture, or light inside the bag.


Other modified atmosphere packaging options include nitrogen gas flushing, which displaces oxygen in the coffee bag before filling, will push out the air out then input the nitrogene( rotary nitrogen filling principle applied on premade pouch, you can choose to use one type of MAP in your coffee bean packaging design or both, depending upon your needs. For most modern coffee packaging applications, all of the above are recommended.


3. Coffee packaging convenience options

With a busy consumer base that values their time above all, CONVENIENCE PACKAGING is all the rage in the coffee market.


Coffee roasters should consider the following options when catering to modern customers:

Modern consumers are less brand loyal than ever before and seek to purchase smaller, trial-sized packages of coffee as they explore their options.   


Need help planning your coffee production? What is the price of the coffee packing system?

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