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Scope And Principles Of Powder Packing Filling Machine


Scope application of Powder filling machine:

This powder filling machine is mainly used for automatic filling of powder and small particles, and can complete the bottle automatic positioning, filling and metering, touch screen control, convenient operation, high stability. It can form a complete set of filling pipelines with a bottle machine, a capping machine, a labeling machine, and the like. Suitable for packaging powder and small particulate materials, such as powders, small granules, veterinary drugs, glucose, seasonings, solid beverages, toners, tattoo powder, pesticides, etc.

Powder packing filling machine principle features:

1. Powder filling machine is integral, electricity, light, instrument, single-chip control, automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of metering errors.

2, fast speed: use spiral tablets, optical control technology.

3, high precision: use stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.

4, the filling range is wide: the same quantitative filling machine is adjusted by electronic scale keyboard by electronic scale keyboard and replaces the particle spiral of different specifications.

5, wide range of applications: there is a certain fluid powder, and the particulate material can be used.

6. Suitable for bags, cans, bottles, etc., various packaging container powders, etc..

7. If the error caused by the change in material specific gravity and level change can be automatically tracked.

8, photoelectric switch control, only the artificial bag, the bag is clean, easy to seal.

9. Both the material contact site is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and prevent cross-contamination.

powder filling machine

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