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The Characteristics Of Weigher Weighing Packaging Machines


Weighing packing machine keys for infant milk powder, instant coffee, seasoning, additives, etc., how to use it, can you make it long? Let's introduce, the operation methods and characteristics of weighing packaging machines:

First, weighing packing machine operation method

1. Before the application, you should first remove the two silk on the bottom plate.

2. After plugging in the switching power, open the power switch on the side of the device, check whether the control panel indicator on the computer does not light and the device will pass a voice prompt. If you check the discharge keys after the check is clear, the machine device may automatically clear into the standby state.

3. Pour the particulate material according to the inlet into the bucket, then press the plus / down on the control panel to set the net weight you need.

4. Pick a required rate on the control panel.

5. After selecting a good rate, press the gradual key on the control panel, and the machine device will conduct an automatic condition to carry out automatic continuous quantitative analysis.

6. When gradually particulate, if it is necessary to stop or the material has been assembled, the machine device will enter the standby state when the termination is pressed.

Second, the characteristics of weighing packing machine

1. Select the PLC control and touch the display industrial touch screen automatic control system to make it easy.

2. Have an automatic identification effect, when you encounter no moving packaging bag or you don't sure that the sitaution if the bag opened or not, it will not be easy to start the heat seal, weigh the packaging machine to reduce product costs.

3. With an insurance device, when the standard air pressure is abnormal, alert reminder will be generated.

4. Select the motor control system, carry out the actual operation of each set of machine clips according to the control button, so that the actual operation is convenient, saving time and effort.

5. The parts of the machine and the material touch are made of metal.

Application point introduction:

Quantitative weighing for snacks, edible powders, food, etc.

Key features of weigher packing machine:

High precision digital sensor; 7-inch color touch display (Credit computer mouse, U disk, SD card); multi-language expression control system software (unique language expressing customer needs to show Chinese translation); can set different management privileges, application more convenient, management methods are easier.


Mixing a variety of different raw materials, asphalt mixing strips; the main parameters in the whole process can be adjusted; modular, weighing modules, circuit boards can be exchanged; board built-in inspection function.

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