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How to solve failure of touch screen-12 head linear weigher


1.Open the cabinet which is on the face of switch as below picture, and find out power supply.

2.Then measure 203+ and 203- by multimeter, valid voltage should be DC24V .

3.If the voltage is 24V, which means the power supply is no problem, the problem will be either screen or the cable which connect between cabinet and screen .

4.Power off, use multimeter to connect the connector Pin 1 and Pin 2 to the 203+ and 203- to check if it is connected .

5.If one of them is not connected, then means the wire is disconnected of the connector, pls disassemble andmend it .

6.Then when measure 203+ and 203-, the voltage is not 24V which means either power supply broken or the cable is issue.

A: Firstly, evaluate the power supply, disconnect screen and ensure the connector is not connect with screen, then removes 203+/203- from power supply.

B: Measure these two terminasl to check wether the power is 24V or not .

If it is not 24V, then means the power supply broken;if yes whcih means problelm occur in behind cable .

 Place back the 203+/203- back to the power supply, then remove the plug from the power supply board .

And measure the Pin to see it is 24V or not .

8.If the power is abnormal, for example ,it is varied from 24V, that means power supply board is broken.

 If the power is 24V,which means the mother board is broken, or the cable broken or power supply board is broken -the power supply board with the load voltage is pulled down,it need to replace a new power supply board to find out this situation.

9.Assume power supply board is good, then find out whether the mother board broken or the cable;plug cable back to the power supply board, then remove P07 frommother board .

10.Measure the voltage of this two pins .

If it is not 24V,which means the mother board is broken,and need to change a new board.

If voltage is 24V, which means the cable after is broken.

The cable is buzzer wire in blue, cable 18V+ which connect to the back plate, and 18V- connected with the emergency stop .

11.After finishing checking, if every cable is normal, the Confirm that the screen is broken.Assume the problem is mostly the cable in connector is disconnect, or the power supply board is broken.

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