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Whati Is The Work Principle Of Multihead Weigher Packing Machine?


Multihead weigher packing machine adjustment principle is simple to consist of a plurality of independent feed discharge structures, and the computer uses the arrangement combination principle to perform the load amount of weighing units to automatically prefer in combination. Then the weight combination of the closest target weight value is packaged.

Multihead weigher packing machine are also known as the combination, and the rapid quantitative weighing packages are applied to granules, strips, irregular materials.

The principle of its work is as follows: 

Multi-head combined scale adjustment solves the problem of material falling by adding buffers in the discharge cone. The semicircular baffle set in the buffer tube and the discharge cone outlet is set to the material passage from the original one to two. The weighing material is placed from weighing. After entering a flow passage of the cylinder into the buffer, the semi-circular baffle is flipped, and the weighing bucket will discharge the next batch of good materials into another channel.This saves the circulation time of the material in the buffer tube, accelerates the weighing speed of the multi-head scale, and improves the weighing efficiency.

Multihead weigher packing machine structure: 

a circular feed disc; a vibration feeder; a feed bucket; weighing bucket; discharge cone; buffer tube; separator; semicircular baffle; hinge rod; curved lever.

Multihead weigher packing machine adjustment principle: 

refers to a multi-head combination scale, the material (peanut, melon seed, etc.) to be discounted is uniformly assigned to the feed hopper through the vibration of the circular feed plate, then the feed is sent into the metrics. Each weighing bucket is performed separately, and the CPU on the motherboard reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket. And then by calculating, analyzing, combining, the combined weighing bucket closest to the target weight is selected. Therefore, the principle has solved the problem of the material due to gravity and inertia, and improves the weighing efficiency.

multihead weigher packing machine

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