Smart Weigh SW-M10P42 Combined 10 Head Weigher Packing Machine
  • Smart Weigh SW-M10P42 Combined 10 Head Weigher Packing Machine
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Smart Weigh SW-M10P42 Combined 10 Head Weigher Packing Machine

smart weigh
country of origin
sus304, sus316, carbon steel
loading port
zhongshan port, china
25 sets/month
1 set
tt, l/c
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Company Advantages
1. During the production of Smart Weigh packing machine price , different optimized processing techniques such as electrostatic spinning, air vortex spinning, or jet spinning are adopted.
2. The product features a rugged construction. Made of heavy-duty metals, it is able to withstand various kinds of elements such as shocks and vibration.
3. The product can withstand certain wear and tear. Its mechanical action will not easily lead to the loss of materials from the surface.
4. Advanced machines in Smart Weigh allows us to produce mass production.



Bag size

Width 80-200mm, length 50-280mm

Max width of roll film

420 mm

Packing speed

50 bags/min

Film thickness


Air consumption

0.8 mpa

Gas consumption

0.4 m3/min

Power voltage

220V/50Hz 3.5KW

Machine Dimension


Gross Weight

750 Kg

※    Features

  • Weigh load on top of bagger to save space;

  • All food contact parts can be took out with tools for cleaning;

  • Combine machine to save space and cost;

  • Same screen to control both machine for easy operation;

  • Auto weighing, filling, forming, sealing and printing on same machine.

※   Application


Suitable for many kinds of measuring equipments, puffy food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar and salt etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule Etc.


Dry food
Pet food

Frozen food
Plastic and screw

※   Product  Certificate


Company Features
1. The sales volume of packing machine price from Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is steadily increased year by year.
2. By using advanced technology, Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd has improved the not only the quality of sealing machine but also its output.
3. Smart Weigh aims to provide the best pouch packing machine while offering the most professional service. Ask online! Smart Weigh believes it is important to take the scientific development as the basis during the production. Ask online!
Why Choose Us

Product Description







1.The speed is regulated by variable frequency and adopts automatic control system.

2.This machine adopts man-machine interface operating system,automatically display box speed,quantity and other performance parameters ,and also display  the fault causes and methods of operation and maintenance.

3.It can be implemented that adjust and use of more specifications at the specific confine on the same machine.

4.Manual and automatic conversion.

5.It can simultaneously complete that the folding of instructions and cartoning.

6.It can print three numbers on the box,in additional, it also has the functions of print serial numbers.

7.Incorporates automatic inspection system and has the functions of automatic suspension and removal of non-conforming products.

8.It can be installed with hot melt adhesive machine.

9.Manual feeding,bin push directly or lilteral push directly,can be connected with pillow machine,cylinder controls synchronous belt,then the pushing device pack the product in the carton by the synchronous belt.

Application Scope
multihead weigher is widely used in industrial production, such as fields in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, hotel supplies, metal materials, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, and machinery.Smart Weigh Packaging has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.
Product Details
Smart Weigh Packaging's multihead weigher has excellent performances by virtue of the following excellent details.This high-quality and performance-stable multihead weigher is available in a wide range of types and specifications so that customers' diverse needs can be satisfied.

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