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Do these 3 things daily to extend the life of your VFFS machine

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After the installation of a VFFS packaging machine, your preventive maintenance work should immediately begin to ensure the longevity and performance of your equipment. One of the most important things you can do to maintain your packaging equipment is ensure it stays clean. As with most equipment, a clean machine simply works better and produces a higher quality product.

The cleaning methods, detergents used, and frequency of cleaning must be defined by the VFFS PACKAGING MACHINE owner and depends on the type of product being processed. In those cases where the product being packaged deteriorates quickly, effective disinfection methods must be used. For machine-specific maintenance recommendations, consult your owner's manual.

 Before cleaning, turn off and disconnect the power. Prior to starting any maintenance activity, the energy sources to the machine must be isolated and locked-out.


Do these 3 things daily to extend the life of your VFFS machine


1. Check cleanliness of the sealing bars.

Visually inspect the sealing jaws to see if they are dirty. If so, remove the knife first and then clean the front faces of the sealing jaws with a light cloth and water. It is best to use a pair of heat resistant gloves when removing the knife and cleaning the jaws.


2. Check cleanliness of the cutting knives and anvils.

Visually inspect the knives and anvils to see if they are dirty. When the knife fails to make a clean cut, it is time to clean or change the knife.


3. Check cleanliness of space inside packaging machine and filler.

Use an air nozzle with low pressure to blow off any loose product which has accumulated on the machine during production. Protect your eyes by using a pair of safety glasses. All stainless steel guards can be cleaned with hot soapy water and then wiped dry. Wipe down all guides and slides with mineral oil. Wipe down all guide bars, connecting rods, slides, air cylinder rods, etc.

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