Domestic food machinery industry in the future should follow the brand development road

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-18
In recent years, with the continuous development of domestic economy, food machinery industry has become one of the latent huge industry development in our country, its broad space for development is generally favored by the industry. From on the one hand, the current domestic food packaging machinery industry has come to a full upgrade stage, a large number of modern electronic technology, microelectronics technology, high precision technology, edge technology emerged, such as that from a certain extent, improve the reliability and safety of food packaging machinery, on the other hand, with the further development of manufacturing industry, the future intelligent will also become the development direction of food packaging machinery industry. In addition, in the development of the future, our country how to further enhance the overall strength of the domestic packaging machinery industry, next we simple analyse for everyone. 1, change the idea, the independent innovation: currently, the domestic packaging machinery technology is still the most generic abroad, truly independent research and development is not a lot. Packaging machinery in our country lack of high-tech, high precision, high quality products, product performance is low, poor stability and reliability, lack of leading enterprises and domestic packaging machinery industry, packaging machinery enterprises to independent innovation, change the backward management concept and the development of thinking, and improve the efficiency of production of packaging machinery and product diversification, on the key equipment and key technology to meet market needs. 2, brand development, brand is the soul of an enterprise, the present all kinds of mechanical products, but very few good brand, now should follow the brand strategy, to the packaging machinery industry in our country there are many industries, these industries in the factory, but not many famous, in the future, high popularity, sales will show significant central tendency, some brands are gradually formed, the brand will be improve the overall level of food packaging machinery industry in China one of the way. 3, high, refined, sharp: at present our country most data technology advanced packaging machinery research and development is still in the phase of imitation, domestic packaging machinery factory has a professional research and development manufacturer, rarely independent development ability is very limited. Packaging machinery in China to meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical industry rapid development, and actively participate in international competition, it must break & other; Small and scattered throughout the &; Industry posture, in & other; High, refined, sharp & throughout; Forward direction. Have the personage inside course of study thinks, the future packaging industry will cooperate with industrial automation trend, on technical development toward mechanical function diversification, standardization and modularization structure design, intelligent control, structure, high precision and so on several directions. Food machinery industry as part of the modern industry, its development is good or bad will affect the overall development of modern industry, and want to ensure the stable and healthy development of food machinery industry, is indispensable to the joint efforts of many enterprises in the industry, only we will force twist into a rope, in order to better promote the development of industry.
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