Foreign particles packaging machine enterprise development experience

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-18
Regardless of industry, if only focus on the development of the industry in the country, it is hard to have a long-term progress, if an industry wants to develop further, should absorb the advanced experience of foreign, granular packing machine and other packaging machinery, for example, the current domestic food machinery industry has made many achievements, but compared with foreign related enterprises of other products, there are still a certain gap, we simply introduce the particle packing machine for you industry development present situation and development trend. Packaging industry in the United States started in the early last century, since the second world war to get fast development, gradually establish and form including packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging machinery complete and independent industrial system, its packaging gross industrial output value accounted for 3% of the national economic output. The direction of development includes the following four points: 1, attach importance to brand: for granular packing machine enterprise, the brand is the soul of enterprise, with the industry, according to the analysis of the current domestic top ten packaging enterprise is in turn: Barry - Wehmillre, Beinis company, SA - company SIBSPA company, AveryDeeeison company, Bosch, CrownCork& Ha, DougalsMachine, RAJouesCohpany, Kliklk and Krones company, in the process of development, the company has three points in common, that is: value the enterprise sales performance, and strive to improve the enterprise packaging machinery brand visibility and importance to the enterprise product after-sales service, visible to the attention of the brand. 2, pay attention to innovation: the food industry as a packaging machinery zui big use industry in the United States, almost all models, models are used in the food industry. Among them, the demand of soft drinks for packaging machinery in zui, 2005 (50%); The food industry demand for packaging machinery from 1994 to 2005, average annual growth rate of 7%. It is because of the American food every year tens of thousands of kinds of new products, so as to speed up the upgrading of packaging machinery, so the American food packaging machinery required for innovation speed is always in the first place. 3, new technology applications: packaging automation program has been widely used, to cater to the consumer, the information labeling system is widely used in packaging world trend. Because of government requirements packaging with nutrition ingredients, instructions, product code, so the labeling system toward a multifunctional information development. American scientists developed a new kind of integrated circuit tester, it can measure the metamorphic time of a certain food or a drink. The new food quality detection device, made up of sensors and scanner, the energy from radio waves from the scanner, the main material of sensor is lead. When packaged food puts it together inside the container. Testing, testing personnel need to aim the scanner food launch radio waves, scanner signal from the radio waves of food causes vibration, issued a score of the wave at the same time, the score of the first wave reflection to container box wall and the conduction to the sensor, after calibration by using standard database vibration, vibration transmission time and the score of conduction velocity, instantaneous can determine the time of the detection of food spoilage, the detection result is quite accurate. 4, diversification, multi-purpose development: granular packing machine industry is to cater to the consumer demand change and change rapidly, producing tend to diversification. In the food industry, for example, americans today due to the consumer demand for food have many specifications, diversification, characteristic direction, so the food processing industry will cost to develop more flexible and motor function of the packaging line. Before a few years to develop a new packaging products usually need to 2 - 3 years, now just half a year can make new products. This fully shows that the packaging world in the development of new varieties, new products, speed, time is short. Above is our some views about the food machinery industry development, for domestic particle packing factory house, the only fully learn from foreign experience of related companies, in order to achieve long-term progress in their own development, if you want to know more information about particle packing factory house, the company to understand!
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