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How does the pouch packing machine work? What is the benefit to choose smartweigh premade pouch packing machine?


How does the pouch packing machine work? What is the benefit to choose smartweigh premade pouch packing machine?

Simple, Efficient Packing Machines to Meet Your Needs

Interlock safety door switch
Every door contains one switch like ‘’TEND’’ brand or can be ‘’pizz’’( more cost) as option, during production, as soon as door is opened, the packing machine will stop automatically for safety reasons, and there is indication alarm on the HMI, until manually reset, machine will work again.


Control panel 7’’HMI color touch screen, with parameter page setting

pouch packing feeding machine

1st station bag picking up, with sensor control, can place around 200 bags per time on the belt.

zipper openning equipment

2nd zpper openning station, if your bag is with zipper, we can add this option to open your zipper bag, with cylinder control or servo control to achieve good rate in openning.

pouch bag openning machine

3rd station bag mouth openning and bottom bag openning

solid or powder filling

4th filing station( there is sensor control to check whether the bag is good openning or not, if not, weigher will not dump the product to the bag, then it will save the product and not ruin the mezz of the table. Besides, if the weigher not ready for discharge product, the packing machine can pause until it was filled, once it is filled, it will trigger automatically, and move forward( stagger dump feature)

5th, nitrogen filling station

As long as product is filled, there is nitrogen inserting into the bag if you connect with your gas tank or nitrogen generator, this can keep product fresh and longer than without nitrogene.

heating sealing station

The sealing on rotary packaging machine as below picture, it have a radian angle, thus the top seal can make max up to 15mm,

1st sealing to heat seal

2nd sealing to get better formed

2nd sealing cold seal, to ensure the sealing better in condition

bag output conveyor

8th station outfeed conveyor, product will be taken away from this belt, then it can move to next machine like check weigher or metal detector or collecting table

what is the benefit to buy Smartweigh pouch packing machine?

  • Easy to operate advanced PLC, with touch screen and electric control system.

  • ◪ You can adjust the speed and also the range to meet your needs of production – product dependent.

  • ◪ Automatic checking: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. The bag is reusable to avoid wasting packing materials and raw materials.

  • ◪ Safety device: Machine stop at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm.

  • ◪ No oil vacuum pump, thus, avoid polluting the environment in the production area

Optional: With different feeders multihead weigher or auger filler you can pack solids, liquid, or powder. 

Need help planning your next pouch packaging machine automation project? This quick and easy planner will help guide you in defining the scope of your next packaging equipment project

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