How to choose and buy small vertical packaging machine ( Selection of buyers note)

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-17
According to the main electrical part of the vertical packaging machine and configuration elements, a high quality of vertical packaging machine must meet the following basic conditions: 1, choose high quality electric equipment form a complete set, the electrical appliances must be able to guarantee a good brand, the industry old enterprise products, such as domestic in Taiwan, Taiwan the dirk Germany Siemens etc are worth to choose products. 2, small vertical packaging machine electrical components must be chosen specification of low-voltage electrical appliances production enterprise products, guarantee the security, reliability, durability, because the electric control part is the brain of a packaging machine. The composition of the whole machine control circuit, it is necessary to ensure the convenience of maintenance and spare parts commonality and standardization, it is forbidden to use national electrical and mechanical department has declared obsolete by formal decree of the series, old old model type electric switch and other components ( Although these products manufacturers to reduce the cost, but add trouble to the user) 。 3, small vertical packaging machine from material to the thickness of the whole steel structure to be able to satisfy the requirement of the frequent use, particularly in terms of material contact and the use of material shall meet the requirements of food hygiene and thickness and strength of the standard requirements. Usually a high quality packing machine, manufacturer or distributor in sales, packaging machine parts can be promised after-sales service a year. 4, small vertical packaging machine, the appearance of the whole machine is designed to be reasonable, beautiful, and conform to the mechanical and electrical products ( Or vertical packaging machine) Professional standardization requirements and have the basic security, various indication marks shall be complete and mark, in the key position nameplate must indicate the number, date of technical parameters of the equipment, etc. ( See with certificate) 5, small vertical packaging machine, vertical packaging machine structure shall also have the other more important technical parameters, these parameters with different manufacturers, different brands of vertical packaging machine is not the same. Thus we think that the user choose vertical packaging machine, should not be simply according to the model to select models. Popular speak: due to the different users to produce food, Packing materials) Is not the same, the packing size is not the same, different requirements for food packaging technology level, the working efficiency of different requirements, Output size, etc. ) But according to the characteristics of the user's own products ( Include: liquid, paste, paste, puffing, powder, granule packaging machine, flake, pills; Strips irregular materials such as) And the size of the packet size ( Include: wide bag, bag length, the height of the packed goods after ( Thickness) To ultimately determine what kind of machine is suitable for the users. ) User model to determine the packaging machine is the main basis of the length of bag making, sealing way, feeding, measuring way, how the efficiency and so on. 6, small vertical packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, under the same model, different manufacturers products in addition to the above aspects are similar, the key still lies in the quality of main electrical configuration has the branch of height difference, the quality. In general, determine the packing mechanism of this key factor is the quality of the inner configuration components, choose high grade, the famous manufacturer of microcomputer control box and electrical components is to ensure that the machine has good work performance and the key to life, at the same time, choose the microcomputer control box also is the main factor that improve the grade of the machine. 7, small vertical packaging machine in both manufacturers and sellers in order equipment, the user must be the manufacturer or distributor, the professionalism of the service ability and service attitude as far as possible choose excellent after-sales service conditions manufacturers or merchants, at the same time pay attention to a real after-sale commitments. 8, when the choose and buy equipment can be made of a certain mechanical and electrical knowledge and technical personnel to see all you have to type, and equipment for the understanding of many sided, beware of simple from the appearance of the separator. Second, special specifications of vertical packaging machine ordering information: special specification models of users, to the manufacturer to provide the following information, so that the manufacturer to determine the structure of the machine and equipment. 1, what product packaging ( Two sides seal, three sides sealing, seal all around, five autoregulating, pillow sealing, stereo, etc. ) , as well as the effect of packaging requirements; 2, use the packing bag of size: the long & times; Width ( The sealing length) × High ( The height of the packaging bag after) 〗; 3, the amount of packaging requirements for equipment use shift production ( Packaging production efficiency) : how many package bag/h) 4, using the environment material, the use of the structure of the requirements for equipment. Note: the user and the manufacturer to determine the prices, you must know that the identified model for the user in size, structure, especially the material, the selection of materials and internal components, such as: motor, microcomputer control box to choose the brand is different, will affect the equipment cost and quality, the grade of the other components chosen can also affect the cost and reliability of the machine
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