Many people granule packing machine should be paid attention to coordinate operation

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-17
Many particles packaging machine operation should pay attention to coordination of guangzhou granule packing machine can complete the various tasks in the process of packaging, including measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, cut the mouth, heat-printing codes ( Can match code printer) Imported PLC intelligent control, equipment such as machine state of each function, can satisfy the need of modern production, three edge sealing or four edge-sealing any replacement, bag length sensing photoelectric control with high precision at the same time, keep a complete pattern, put an end to the waste of the packaging bags. In the current packaging equipment market, there is a kind of packaging equipment is often compared with granular packing machine, powder packaging machine, powder packaging machine is the floorboard of powder item packaging equipment, suitable for chemical industry, food, agricultural and sideline products, such as powder, powder, powder quantitative packaging materials, for example, milk powder, starch, wheat flour, soy, ZhuangGuFen etc. , there are three autoregulating, four edge sealing and back inside back cover packaging style, measured with the method of spiral cutting, make the material easily into the sack to sealing, stainless steel, LCD display, control can be measured automatically, bag, packing, sealing printing batch number, can be continuous sealing packing, the speed, the effect is good. Before each use of particle packing machine, we should check of equipment, and pay attention to the following requirements: 1, each time before starting, to observe carefully and check the particle packing machine around whether there are abnormal; 2, machines in operation, it is forbidden to body and head and hands close to or contact with moving parts, and it is strictly prohibited to will hand tools and operation to the seal cutting inside; 3, the machine in normal work, it is forbidden to operating personnel frequent switching action buttons, it is forbidden to change frequently at random parameter value; 4, or the use of two or more persons colleagues operating machinery, all kinds of buttons and switches, preventive maintenance and should be shut off the power, when many people in debugging and maintenance of the machine at the same time, pay attention to communicate with each other and motioned to prevent the accident caused by not coordinated. More information about guangzhou granule packing machine, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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