Pillow packaging machine three common fault solution

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-15
Pillow packaging machine is one of the current surface are relatively widely used packaging equipment, a lot of our more common such as cookies, paper towels, betel nut products such as packaging are for packaging. If the pillow packaging opportunities to the temperature, velocity and pressure is not normal, need to how to solve? Editor in these three aspects, compiled about the three most common types of fault consequences and solution: problem a , temperature of high consequences: if the temperature is too high, will affect the running speed of the equipment. When the packaging film outer poor heat resistance, sealing parts of the packaging machine equipment will be focal wrinkle marks, affect the quality packaging products. Solution: the most direct solution is to lower the temperature of the , then its speed quickly, the change of packaging film materials. Question 2, the packaging too fast consequences: if the packaging too fast, so the heat sealing packaging film inner sex will become very poor, sealing occurs is weak or no sealing products, reduce the efficiency of the entire production activities. Solution: adjust the packaging speed, make sure each packaged products can conform to the requirements of the packaging. Problem 3, pillow packing machine in the right pressure consequences: when the in the right pressure, cylinder loose swinging rod, this time would be a hot pressing roller and driving roller unparallel phenomenon, this situation also will affect the outcome of the packing of the . Solution: adjust the parallelism of , temperature and pressure, make can reach normal state, complete daily production work.
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