Powder packaging vendors would explain powder packaging machine configuration requirements for you

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-10
Powder packaging vendors would explain powder packaging machine configuration requirements for your powder packing machine is suitable for the powder products of the automatic bag packaging machine products. General machine can automatically accomplish measuring, filling, sealing and cutting, etc. All the work. Multi-purpose volume measurement, some models are equipped with reliable photoelectric detection system, use with photoelectric marks of packaging materials, can obtain the complete logo. Powder packing machine applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of the small bag packaging. Suitable for production of pharmaceutical, sugar and coffee powder, tang, tea, seeds, desiccant, monosodium glutamate, salt production such as the powder goods manufacturers. Powder packaging machine set of bag making, measuring filling, sealing, date printing and automatic labeling, punching and counting into an organic whole, high packing speed, zui high speed can reach 40 packs per minute, bag look beautiful, packaging design diversified, back closure, horn, even the bags, punching, etc. Packaging materials for composite membrane, a variety of materials such as single layer film and PE film film, form a complete set of different measurement methods, can be different types of packaging materials. Form a complete set of peripherals, shall constitute a fully automatic packaging production line, building without chemical plant. Briefly powder packaging factory home products characteristic and advantage of products: 1, powder packaging machine button switch + digital display. Stable and reliable operation. 2, powder packing machine computer control system, the stepping motor subdivision technology, bag making of high precision, the error is less than 1 mm. 3, automatic tracking color code, smart rule out false color scale, orientation, fixed-length automatic packaging. 4, heat sealing, dual temperature control, intelligent temperature control, heat balance is good, to ensure the sealing quality, applicable to a variety of packaging materials. 5, powder packaging machine adopts intelligent photoelectric color calibration position control system. Powder packing factory is equipped with double CPU microcomputer control system, 5 inch LCD all in Chinese or English display, humanized operation interface, the cursor automatically detect trace, simple operation. With high precision stepper motor, ensure the accuracy of cutting position on each packing bag, adopts helical screw propulsion blanking method, packing can be directly in the process of adjusting weight, adjustment process without downtime, improve the work efficiency. Optional equipped with printer, inflatable, exhaust and dust collection device.
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