Powder packaging vendors would remind should pay attention to packaging machine maintenance

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-09
Powder packaging vendors would remind should pay attention to packaging machine maintenance and maintenance of powder packaging machine is suitable for the medicine, milk tea, milk powder, seasoning powder packaging, such as the liquid or illiquid automatically metering of powdery and granular materials, clip bag, filling, sealing, FengBao, transfer, such as work, degree is high, the reliability is strong, not easy to wear. Powder packaging machine for packaging the less viscous powder such as: ZhuangGuFen, milk powder, soy automatic packaging, cereal, coffee and other materials, powder packaging machine with a wide range of packing the same quantitative packaging machine in 5 - Via the keyboard within 5000 g adjustment and replacement of different specifications of the feed screw continuous adjustable, powder packaging machine can also be wrapping paper/PE, pt/PE, pet/plated al/PE, pet/PE, BOPP film, tea filter paper and other compound packing materials can be heat sealed. Not only in the food industry, such as medicine, pesticide industry, powder packaging machine has great effect, so powder packing machine is a can perfect the market demand of equipment. We all know, the pharmaceutical industry, or the food industry, every day there are a lot of products sold, so these goods can be sold in a timely manner, is a kind of meet the market demand, and there are all kinds of powder packaging machine of the credit. Powder packaging vendors would talk about equipment maintenance and maintenance: 1, often clean: after downtime, to clean the metering section in time, often should clean heat sealing device, in particular the infusion of high sugar content of packaging materials, cleaning and rotary table and discharging door, heat sealing machine body is also need to often clean the part in order to keep the packing finished sealing lines clear, to the scattered materials should clean up in time, to facilitate clean the parts, and thus prolong its service life, better also often clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case caused by short circuit or poor contact electrical fault. 2, machine maintenance: maintenance of powder packing machine is one of the packaging machine is the key to longevity, so often should check each part of the powder packing machine screw, can not have loose phenomenon, otherwise, will affect the normal machine far, should be paid attention to and electrical parts for the waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, rat, to ensure the electric cabinet and terminals clean spot, in case of electrical failure, after downtime, should make the two heat sealing body in the open position, in case of burning the packaging materials. 3, filling the oil lubrication: regularly for each gear mesh of it, arrange ushering bearing oiling hole filling oil lubrication and the moving parts, and each time, reducer oil-free operation is strictly prohibited. When filling oil, be careful not to the oil tank on the rotating belt, in case of lost due to skid or belt premature aging and damage. More information about powder packing factory house, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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