Smart Weigh SW-P460 Quad-sealed Bag Packing Machine
  • Smart Weigh SW-P460 Quad-sealed Bag Packing Machine
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Smart Weigh SW-P460 Quad-sealed Bag Packing Machine

smart weigh
country of origin
sus304, sus316, carbon steel
loading port
zhongshan port, china
25 sets/month
1 set
tt, l/c
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Company Advantages
1. packaging machine is made from durable automatic packing machine price materials and is designed for long service life.
2. packaging machine has the merit of automatic packing machine price , which is used in rotary packing machine .
3. Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd has built a strict QC system to ensure quality of packaging machine .
4. packaging machine in Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is finely processed and well accepted by customers.



Bag size

Side width: 40- 80mm; Width of side seal: 5-10mm
Front width: 75-130mm; Length: 100-350mm

Max width of roll film

460 mm

Packing speed

50 bags/min

Film thickness


Air consumption

0.8 mpa

Gas consumption

0.4 m3/min

Power voltage

220V/50Hz 3.5KW

Machine Dimension


Gross Weight

750 Kg

※    Features


◆  Mitsubishi PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, cutting, finished in one operation;

◇  Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic and power control. Low noise, and more stable;

◆  Film-pulling with servo motor double belt: less pulling resistance, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance; belt is resistant to be worn-out.

◇  External film releasing mechanism: simpler and easier installation of packing film;

◆  Only control touch screen to adjust bag deviation. Simple operation .

◇  Close down type mechanism, defending powder into inside of machine.

※   Application


Suitable for many kinds of measuring equipments, puffy food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar and salt etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule Etc.


Dry food
Pet food

Frozen food
Plastic and screw

※   Product  Certificate


Company Features
1. Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd has been engaged in the industry of automatic packing machine price for decades.
2. We have signed off strategic partnership agreement with a number of customers. Our global network of suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses ensures that we can be customers' one stop shop for anything related to this product.
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Product Description

Automatic multi color printing machine with slotter and die cutting part  price




[1] electric control machine from the alarm bell, continuous ringing warning, to ensure the safety of workers.

[2] drive shaft with friction clutch, to avoid misuse and damage to the machine.

[3] pneumatic interlock device.

[4] The host motor starts the protection device. (The machine is not locked, the host can not start running)

2 . leading edge roller type feeding system

[1] suction auxiliary feeding paper fan 7.5KW, according to the different bending conditions of cardboard, air volume adjustment,

To ensure smooth paper supply. Use the brush to remove the cardboard surface

Dust, scraps of paper and other debris, improve the printing quality.

 [2] slotted with a chain control switch, control emergency stop paper.

[3] The paper lift and down adopt the air cylinder ,the action quickly, effort.

[4] the use of Shandong "Komori" front edge roller feed system, simple operation, high precision. The amount of extension can be adjusted, raw

Strong adaptability. Speed transmission more stable, suitable for warping, thin cardboard transmission, the effect is obvious.

[5] side baffle, rear box position by the screw electric adjustment; front baffle upper and lower gap position manually synchronized adjustment.

[6] skip feeding device (according to the need to choose continued or sheet feeding).

 Printing department


1 printing roll (plate roll)

[1] diameter of ¢ 468 mm (with diameter of ¢ 480 mm).

[2] high-quality steel surface grinding, axial reference scale, hard chrome plating.

[3] to do the balance correction, smooth operation, to adapt to high-speed operation.

[4] ratchet fixed scroll plate, with hanging plate ditch, to adapt to the rapid version of the installation convenient and quick.

[5] full version of hanging slot, for 10 mm hanging version of the article.

[6] printing roller axial manual traverse, the maximum movement of 10mm.

2 printing press roll

[1] diameter of ¢ 155 mm.

 [2]  the use of high-quality seamless steel pipe surface grinding, dynamic balance correction, smooth operation, hard chrome plating

[3] printing pressure roller cross slider-type dial to manually adjust the adjustment range of 0 to 12 mm. Adjustment does not affect Gear clearance to ensure transmission accuracy

3 Feed the upper and lower rollers

[1] on the roll: diameter ¢ 86 mm seamless steel pipe, with three paper feed ring.

[2] the next roll: diameter ¢ 155 mm seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chrome plated

[3] feeding roller cross slider-type dial dial manually adjust the adjustment range of 0 ~ 12 mm. Adjustment does not affect teeth Wheel clearance, to ensure transmission accuracy.

4. steel anilox roller rubber roller set ink system

         [1] diameter of ¢ 176 mm. Dalian roller .

         [2]steel surface grinding, repression reticulate, hard chrome plating.

[3]  alance correction, smooth operation.

[4]mesh number is 180,200,220,250 lines / inch selection. Option ceramic roller 300line/inch

[5] with the feed system pneumatic automatic lifting device. (When feed paper  pr the anilox roller is lowered and touched with print plate ,stop feed paper

       anilox roll is up and the plate is separated)

[6] Anilox roller with wedge-type clutch, even ink, easy to clean ink.

[7] rubber roller diameter ¢ 168 mm.

[8] steel pipe surface wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and do the balance correction.

[9] rubber in the special high grinding, ink transfer effect is good. Quick clearance fine-tuning self-locking device to ensure uniform ink. The amount of uniform ink system, the conversion effect is good, to extend the life of rubber roller.

5 .phase adjustment mechanism

[1] planetary gear structure.

[2] print phase adopt electrical digital number adjust 360degree adjutable




        1.Slot knives 7mm use ally steel material after heattreatment ,grinding , teeth

         model knvies .

         2. Slot phase adopt the gear structure  360degree electrical digital number adjustable , running and stop all         can all can adjust.

         3. Slot seat and creasing wheel and precreasing wheel transverse adopt manual adjust.

Die cutting



Wooden die roller  (lower roll)

[1] outside diameter ¢ 430mm (without cutter).

[2] cast iron surface grinding, hard chrome plating, balance correction, increase operational stability.

[3]die fixed screw hole spacing, axial 100mm; radial 18 equal parts. Applicable tool height 25.4mm.

[4]Wood template thickness: 16mm (for three-layer paperboard) 13 mm (for five-layer paperboard)

Pad roller (upper roll)

[1] diameter of ¢ 388.9mm,  aniv cover 420mm

[2] quick change type pad, wear resistance, long life.

 [3] cast iron surface grinding, hard chrome plated.

 [4] balance correction, increase operational stability.

[5]pad thickness of 9m. Width 250mm. Mechanical type transverse 40mm swimming device. (Adjustable swimming speed)

Grinding mechanism

[1] electric grinding pads, modified fast and efficient.

 [2] mprove the service life of the pad.




Our Services


The machine guarantee is 1 year and within 12 months, if any spare parts damaged , we will offer the spare parts freely. But the buyer shall afford the courier charge.
The electrical components, the loss by nature and artificial damage created by unprofessional operation (broken by person), not in maintenance scope.

Application Scope
multihead weigher is available in a wide range of applications, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, hotel supplies, metal materials, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, and machinery.According to different needs of customers, Smart Weigh Packaging is capable of providing reasonable, comprehensive and optimal solutions for customers.
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