Some Suggestions on packing machine to choose

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-22
1, the first thing to determine your packing confidential which will buy some products. Some packaging machinery factory is a wide variety of products, to buy packaging machine, hope a device to a packing of all varieties. In fact often machine is better than the packaging effect of compatibles. A packaging machine packaging varieties of hao not more than 3 - Five varieties. Also, is a big gap between the overall dimensions of products as separate packing machine. 2, high cost performance is the principle. The current domestic production of packaging machine quality has greatly improved than before, especially the pillow packaging machine, export proportion has imported a lot of, so for the price of MTK can buy JinKouJi quality completely. Only buy right, don't buy expensive. 3, as far as possible choose packaging machine enterprise with a long history, quality assurance. Choose the mature technology, stable quality, model, and make the package faster and more stable, low energy, low manual, low rejection rate. Packing machine is just machine, consumption if purchasing low-quality machine, daily production in the future, ri month tired waste packaging film, decision is not a small sum of money, especially now that packaging materials increases. 4, such as a field trip, want to notice the big aspect, more attention should be paid to the small details, details tend to determine the quality of the whole machine. As far as possible with the sample trial. 5, in after-sales service, & other; Circles & throughout; Want to have a good reputation. The post-sale service in a timely manner, on-call, particularly for food processing enterprise is particularly important. Moon-cake enterprise only just two months each year production period, if the packing machine in the production out of the question is not immediately solved, the loss. 6, peer trust packaging machine can give priority to. 7, simple operation and maintenance of choose and buy as much as possible, accessories complete, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, it can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise. We have learned, zhongshan jia wei packing machinery co. , LTD. Packing machine or better, recommend to everyone.
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