The applicability of the powder packing machine is widening

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-07
Powder packing machine is suitable for the chemical industry, food, agricultural and sideline products, such as powder, powder, powder quantitative packaging materials, such as: milk powder, starch, pesticides, veterinary medicine, premix, additives, condiment, feed, enzymes, such as the concept of powder packaging machine market in China at present, powder packaging machine has more than 1300 varieties, the lack of high-tech, high precision, high quality products, product performance is low, poor stability and reliability, life is short, rough surface treatment, modelling is not beautiful. Product development, but also the basic stay in test imitation stage, self-developed ability is not strong, the scientific research investment, less funds accounted for 1% of sales, while developed countries by up to 8% ~ 10%. Long-term since, our country powder packaging machine industry technology level is low, the unreasonable of industrial structure, the low degree of standardization, such problems as lack of innovation, severe homogeneity, low malignant competition, a serious shortage of market supply capacity, large-scale, intelligent powder and packing machinery mainly rely on imports. Now, a new wave of information technology, materials technology as the forerunner of the technological revolution will be further widened the gap with the international advanced level, and even endanger the national security powder. With the development of science and technology constantly, powder packing machine is constantly try to progress, with the development of science and technology are becoming diversified, cater to the market actual needs changing constantly improve and identified the different function of packaging machine, to better meet the needs of the market, and better service life. Powder packaging machinery industry has become a part of the important industry in China, is necessary in the process of our economic development and reform of the product. When eating powder products seem to be very convenient and quick, but in the packaging when they appear & all the other Jiao qi & throughout; , a bit of a do not attentive place powder flying will happen. Powder automatic packing machine for powder with easy flying this product and design a multi-function packaging machine. Powder automatic packing machine inherits the other packing machine in operation and the advantages of the packaging effect, also have the function of adsorption. The adsorption function is designed to prevent powder automatic packing machine for powder product for packaging of products distributing situation, avoid the waste of product, reduce the production cost of enterprises, but also can ensure the workshop production environment clean. Through powder packaging machine for packaging products has a lot of, some is all around us are easy to see. Like the supermarket zui popular with infant milk powder, either use a bottled or a bag, is by way of powder automatic packing machine, and the like spices and additives and other products, in a supplementary role are packaged with powder automatic packing machine; Even we go to the hospital, pharmacy to buy infusion of drugs, all without exception is from the hand of powder automatic packing machine. Powder automatic packing machine is countless packaged goods. If you want to know more information about powder packing factory house, welcome everybody to continue to pay attention to our company to understand!
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