The structure characteristics of pillow packaging machine

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-12
packing machine is automatic successive shrinkable packaging device and is the latest, the ordinary electric stove wire heating mode, temperature on the characteristics of fast, good stability, low maintenance cost, the shrinkage temperature and stable motor drive speed is adjustable, and the adjusting range is extensive; Original creation roller rotation devise and can work continuously. So the heat shrinkable machine has advanced design, stable and reliable performance, energy-saving and efficient, shrinkage effect is good, novelty and good-looking structure, the convenient operation and maintenance etc. , can be applied to any shrink film contraction packaging. Shrinking machine performance is better than ever before, the packing is better, feel free to use. Structural characteristics of 1, double frequency converter control, bag length is set is cut, don't need to adjust empty go, one pace reachs the designated position, time-saving province membrane. 2, the text type human-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick. 3, fault self-diagnosis function, fault shows at a glance. 4, photoelectric Gao Gan degrees look standard tracking, more accurate in the position of sealing and cutting. 5, temperature independent PID control, better suited to a variety of material coated. 6, positioning stop function, non-stick knives, at no cost. 7, the transmission system is concise, more reliable, more convenient maintenance. 8, all control by the software implementation, convenient function adjustment and technology upgrade, never backward.
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