Use pillow packaging machine maintenance 6 big matters needing attention

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-15
Takeaway: is automatic successive shrinkable packaging device and is the latest, using quartz farness ultrared rays tube heating, power saving and efficient ( The saving electricity was above 15%) ; Shrinkage temperature and speed of motor drive stable and adjustable, and the adjusting range is extensive; Original creation roller rotation devise and can work continuously. Pillow packaging machine, powerful, stable performance, wide adaptability, simple and convenient operation, using intelligent human-machine interface, easy to use different parameters quickly. It also makes the pillow packing machine popular in many fields, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, hardware, daily necessities, etc. These industry packing demand is big, so the working strength is very big, so for manufacturing enterprise, the correct operation and maintenance, is the key to extend the service life of equipment, here are some use matters needing attention. Pillow packaging machine note 6:1, in the production peak season, the enterprise should give each maintenance of inspection, cleaning and lubrication on a regular basis, at the same time also to do a good job of cooling and ventilation, don't put the pillow packing machine in the use of high temperature, humidity, messy, can not only to prevent the pollution of the product, and can prevent equipment performance is affected. 2, the new operator should be in the correct way of operating the and understand thoroughly before they can operate, and in order to improve the safety, early with professional teaching better, and unauthorized and professional personnel shall not, without the to change the data as well as any to tear open outfit. 3, operators to boot before work, you should check the power of the and fastening parts whether there are abnormal, and to clean up table utensils and sundry, lest breaking or affect the subsequent production packaging machine. 4, maintenance and maintenance work must be under the condition of the power shut down shall be conducted by professional electrical maintenance personnel. 5, pillow packing machine in the process of packaging production, because the device seal cutting film belongs to high temperature, so do not get optional touch heat seal round, sealing mode and the movement of the parts, to prevent burns. And to forbid their hair, gloves and clothing into the activities of the parts and to avoid being involved in the unexpected. 6, as long as the without stop packing, the operator can't leave any, something left need someone to care. Only strict and correct for its operation, repair and maintenance of , it can be more stable and effective for enterprises to improve production efficiency, and put in production safety is always the first, so the above considerations for operators to strictly abide by.
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