Vacuum packaging machine installation should pay attention to what problem

by:Smart Weigh pack     2020-08-09
Is one of the most commonly used packaging equipment packaging industry in our country. A kind of heat pumping air into vacuum state, sealing, cooling the one-time completed function, apply to food, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, precision parts and other products of vacuum sealing, can prevent oxidation, mildew, corrosion, moisture, but also extend the product with good quality fresh storage life of the machine. However, many customers are buying machine is not very good at after wiring and installation. Today, in our continuous rolling vacuum packaging, for example, I'd like to introduce you to a vacuum packaging machine needs to be done after arrival.

the working principle of vacuum packaging machine is mainly composed of five parts: in the studio, work platform, frame, electric system and vacuum system. Vacuum packaging machine can automatic extraction of air inside the bag, achieving complete after vacuum sealing process. Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940 s. In 1950, polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully used in vacuum packaging, since then, vacuum packaging and got rapid development. Vacuum packing machine is often used in food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food antioxidant, to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. Process: first close the lid, the vacuum pump from studio. When achieving the vacuum degree of vacuum, vacuum pump stops working, the opening pressure valve, inflatable balloon, the pressure with pressure on the seal, at the same time open electrical heating. After completion of bag sealing, vent valve electricity, flat open automatically, to complete the work cycle.

a, open the power switch.

b, open the bag layering, will the packing bag of packaging ( The entrance of the bag should not be less than 4 cm) Into the studio and put the seal flat on the silicone rubber article, and the bag can't overlap, flip bag layering and press the mouth.

c, the motor under the green button panel ( Not external stop button) , equipment, packaging, if press the green button again under the running state, when the equipment operation cycle, it will be suspended.

d, open the bag layering, take out bags, to complete a working cycle.

e, when you stop working, close the power switch and unplug the power supply. Vacuum method of use:

a, the equipment 380 v, 50 Hz, inflatable air installation, inflatable air need to install the pressure reducing valve, adjust the pressure to zero. It is advisable to 3 Mpa.

b, first the equipment connected to the vacuum pump, inflatable air installation, inflatable air need to install the pressure reducing valve, adjust the pressure to zero. It is advisable to 3 Mpa.

c, open the power switch, the power light is lit up, exhaust nozzle and inflatable mouth extending outward, the air nozzle used cover, then will handle ( Or press the edge of the cover) The press in the studio, and close the cover. The machine will automatically complete vacuum packaging process, and according to the program automatically open the lid. At this point, the extraction time and aeration time can be adjusted according to the degree of vacuum and air.

  4. In addition to the above preparation, automatic vacuum packaging machine also need to:

a, according to studio equipment and operator work automatically run speed, adjust the equipment on the front panel control time relay ( Time is long or short) 。

b, the device is equipped with an emergency stop switch. If there are special circumstances press this switch, the cover will automatically over the switch is opened, when ruled out this kind of situation, open the emergency stop switch and side will cover up to the job. Equipment is in good working condition. In fact, the operation of the vacuum packing machine is very simple, the operation and process is not too complicated. Its vacuum packaging machine used in food industry, most of them are lesbian, so the machine is designed to be very humane. If you need to know more information about vacuum packaging machine, you can go to the vacuum packaging machine site view many dial-up telephone counseling.
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