Vertical vendors would resolve automatic granular packaging machine don't clip bag how to handle

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-10
Granule packing machine has been widely used in various industries, its production has played a very important role in the process, automatic granular packaging machine can be done in the process of packaging automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heat-printing codes, etc. All the work, all Chinese, according to the step motor to pull bags, electric eye tracking, the cursor, simple operation, good appearance, etc. Design USES unique embedded sealing, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller, temperature control has good heat balance to adapt to all kinds of packaging materials, sealed performance, low noise, texture clear, strong sealing; According to user needs, by changing the tool which can realize a glyph cut cut off one glyph joint cutting, decorative pattern, make the cutter in the stable and reliable BuKa bag when cutting bag. Many users reflect the automatic granular packaging machine will appear in the process of packaging production work don't clip bag phenomenon, since such great influence to the production efficiency of automatic granular packaging machine and packaging effect, and what are the reasons for why it appear this kind of circumstance? 1, equipment appear not clip bag, don't put the cause of the bag, usually due to clip pockets switch, switch, control solenoid valve of bag bag or cylinder. 2, if it is crude feed on the gate to open it or not, usually is to control the solenoid valve or cylinder. 3, if it is fine feed on the gate to open it or not, usually is to control the solenoid valve or cylinder. 4, after the materials weighing, if cannot automatically open a door material feeding and loose bag, if not in accordance with the manual feeding button, general is to control the door put material problems of electromagnetic valve or cylinder, will return to normal after the replacement of spare parts. If according to the manual feeding button is feasible, weighing error or system set up error. 5, after the materials weighing, put a little expect the sack if weighing hopper, automatically loosen packing bag, this kind of failure is not very common, but it is typical. This phenomenon said automatic granular packaging machine of the weighing the end of the cycle, and all conditions meet the requirements of the automatic blanking the solenoid valve to CLP, and control cylinder, just a cylinder stroke is not enough.
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