A common problem analysis and processing of pillow packaging machine

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-12
Pillow packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment currently used more widely, many of our more common such as cookies, paper towels, betel nut products such as packaging are for packaging. Machinery for a long period of time when using there will always be a failure, so we have to prepare ahead of time, learn some common problems and processing method of , so that the device can timely solve the problems. Pillow packaging machine common problem analysis and processing method: ( 1) When the products of sealing the coke, this is because the pillow packaging during temperature is too high, and too slow; Solution is to adjust temperature to the appropriate range, is the speed of . ( 2) When the cutter cut on the product, which means the knife seat height is not the proper height, and the packing speed too fast, push rod and the cutting knife not simultaneously, at this time the solution is to adjust the packaging speed, adjust the height of the cutter holder. ( 3) When the products appear to cut off the position deviation of color mark cases, it shows that thin film color code it's too light, thin film drive slippage, at this time the solution is to adjust its sensitivity; The of tracking mode switch to & other; Tracking cutting & throughout; 。 ( 4) When the thermometer of the can't control the temperature, this is the solid state relay is damaged, and it is also possible that temperature control table is broken, when the solution is to replace the temperature control table, replace the solid state breaker. ( 5) When the sealing seal not firm, it is likely to be speed too fast, needless to say at this time of the solution is to appropriately reduce the speed of the . Warm prompt: that commonly exist in the mechanical body and high pressure, bottom have electricity, so maintenance personnel must pay attention to, avoid unnecessary safety accident happened.
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