Combination according to manufacturer for the modern weighing apparatus industry development

by:Smart Weigh pack     2020-09-13

Weighing apparatus industry of our country is one who has a long history of traditional industries and the important basic industry. Over the years, are mechanical weighing apparatus is given priority to. In the 1980 s began to expand the use of electronic weighing apparatus and the development of large automatic weighing apparatus, but its intelligentize degree compared with similar foreign products, has a certain gap. Products of low technology content is barriers to enter the international market in China, the difficulty of acquiring international interests. In today's world economic integration, China is no longer able to 'high tariff barriers to protect domestic industry,' only through the international technology transfer international technical exchanges between international capital flows mobility to equip weighing apparatus enterprise in our country, into the international market to the product to the modernization. With the advancement of the modernization, but also by social demand structure propensity to consume the consumption structure and technological progress and international trade. 

 From a planned economy into market economy in our country also bring social demand and the change of consumption tendency. Since the 1990 s, for example, sales in the field of circulation economy in our country form changed, in bulk without packaging sales form has gradually been replaced by its 'packaging', its 'packaging' with its convenient neat time diversity and packaging gorgeous won the favour of many consumers, along with the increase of the market demand and the change of consumption tendency, the weight of the testing machine such as the modernization of online measuring instruments as packaging measurement means, more and more attention by business people and metrology department. 

 This automatic weighing apparatus with its high tech content and unique automatic feedback regulating functions, fine chemicals in food, pharmaceutical logistics distribution center and other industries widely used. In the 1970 s, Japanese agricultural association to the relevant instruments enterprises put forward the green peppers weighing. In Japan, green peppers usually in the form of quantitative packaging bags in supermarkets, if each bag quantitative value is 120 grams, green peppers to true up a 120 g is a very difficult thing to do. Because a single green peppers weight is heavier, and the difference is larger, less related to consumer interest, much relationship to the cost of enterprise. The traditional way is to artificial weighing, i. e. , said in a static electronic weighing, a green peppers peppers by one accumulate to 115 grams, want to find a 5 g green peppers add to it is almost impossible, it must be from 115 g to a smaller green peppers, plus another larger one green pepper. Greatly if the weight more than 120 grams or less than 120 grams, also need to repeat the above work, the weighing efficiency is extremely low, and difficult to achieve close to the target weight ( Quantitative values) Results. After technical staff to have a large number of investigation and study, using the combination weighing principle successfully solve the problem of the green peppers weighing. Some large food enterprises as designated equipment. Today's industrial production and daily life is inseparable from the weighing, and with the development of production, the weighing accuracy improving, especially in the packaging, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, are required to have high weighing precision. By mechanical structure to realize high precision weighing device, not only complicated structure, and support ( Blade and knife) Weak and easy to wear and corrosion, strict in work environment, maintenance workload is big, the big weakness is weighing speed slow, low efficiency, and can not adapt to the needs of the development of production. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, the last century 60 s, people developed a kind of electromechanical combination electronic scale, it is composed of lever system, grating device and circuit of three parts. Lever system under the action of load, displacement, grating device converts the displacement into electronic circuit, digital signal after combination according to manufacturer with digital instrument shows a weight value. Combination according to manufacturer this scale than mechanical lever scale enhanced precision, use more convenient, the weight values available digital visual display, and weighing signal can be transmitted over a long distance.                                

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