Conventional analytical pillow packaging machine parts

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-11
Pillow packaging machine parts to conventional analytical may be the cause of the problem: no packaging film; Solution: change the new packaging film. Self-checking system failure may be the cause of the problem: controller failure. Solution: contact suppliers; If the fault has been ruled out, simply press the ESC key system will automatically reply say run. Pillow packaging machine failure phenomenon: 1, cut off the position deviation color code 2, cutting knife in the product 3, pincer-like device focal wrinkle marks on 4, sealing not firm or leak sealing 5 and thermometer can't control the temperature. Pillow packaging machine common failure cause analysis: 1, the color standard tracking is not open, film color standard color is too light, film drive slippage. 2, push rod and the cutter is not synchronous, cutter holder packing speed is too high or too low, too fast. 3, the temperature is too high, too slow, coated outer heat resistance is poor. 4, temperature is too low, too fast, coated inner poor heat sealing. 5, heating element damage, solid state relay, thermocouple damage, damage to the temperature control table, burn out. packing machine elimination method: 1, in the man-machine interface tracking mode screen, will track mode switch to 'cut trace'; See random magic eye specifications, adjust the photoelectric sensor sensitivity; Adjust the rubber roller pressure or brake slack. 2, see the manual adjustment refers to the position; Height of adjusting the side sealing parts, make sealing knife meshing center located right in the middle of height of products; Reduce the packaging speed. 3, lowering temperature; Adjustable speed; Change of membrane material. 4, replace the heating element, in solid state relay, replacement of galvanic couple, the change of temperature control table.
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