How to coffee drinks through automatic powder packaging machine for packaging

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-20
People in the office, hard to avoid can appear lazy, especially in the afternoon, at this time if you have a cup of coffee, refreshing effect will be obvious, therefore, instant coffee and was deeply loved by office class. Do you know like instant coffee powder products, is how to packing? Here we introduce a simple device - - - - - - - Automatic powder packaging machine. Automatic powder packaging machine external stainless steel casing, just at the display setting unit needed to set parameters, automatic optimization matching each action control system, so as to achieve the ideal packing speed and stable dual light source photoelectric check system, assuring integrity logo of the packaging bags, intelligent temperature controller control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, heat-printing codes, cutting and counting, etc. All the work. On the function, automatic powder packaging machine can continuous automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, production date, validity, counting and so on a series of work, and can automatically print the batch number, production date, expiration date. Clear, uniform, neat, set by the touch screen small bag length, the existence and location of color mark on the film roll, the pouch length will be adjusted according to the color code automatically, without mould replacement bag length can be adjusted. Automatic powder packaging machine packaging speed, accuracy and product specification size, packet type, as well as packaging materials related. According to the common type of coffee products on the market, the packing speed can reach 30 bags per minute, the accuracy within 1 mm, instant coffee powder packaging machine for packaging products, more general for powder or particle shape. Common have milk powder, flour, protein powder, slimming tea powder products. Moderate drinkers, is very beneficial for refreshing, this is all we introduce, please continue to pay attention to our company!
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