Jia wei automatic powder packaging machine research and development in many direction development

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-19
Today, the market demand for automatic powder packaging machine is more and more big, it not only brought a lot of convenience for people's life, but also add a lot of fun for the life, at the same time, also brought high efficiency for related enterprises return, get more profit. When entering the market, powder packaging machine on the innovation ability is weak, but the prosperity of commodity economy, make people for product packaging more and more important, the related automatic powder packaging machine has been rapid development. Today, powder packaging machine has become a pillar industry of the packaging market, now is also one of the industry of national economy growing fast in recent years. At present, both the food industry and medicine, daily chemical industry, powder packaging machine has been widely used, through in the past based on innovation, continuous improvement on the structure and function, user-friendly operation as the goal, pay attention to product quality and the perfect combination of appearance, for our country a great contribution to the powder packing machine. Guangzhou jia wei automatic powder packaging machine is suitable for food, medicines, health products, cosmetic, agricultural and sideline products and other industries of powder material namely quantitative packaging, the packaging machine color touch-screen and stable and reliable biaxial high precision output of PLC control, bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, code, cutting disposable bags. Fast speed: the spiral cutting, servo control, high precision positioning. In addition, the device also adopts double belt servo tensile membrane, membrane resistance less, good bag forming, the belt is not easy to wear and tear. Now, into the new 2020, jia wei powder packaging machine research and development is moving toward the direction of high speed, multi-functional and intelligent control development, so as to adapt to the market demand. In the future, industrial robots, microelectronics, computer, intelligent and image sensor technology will also get more and more widely used, prompting automatic increasingly automated packaging machinery, automatic packaging machinery in our country's development vision will be brighter.
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