Jia wei liquid packaging machine have what advantage

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-20
Liquid packing machine is introduced the machine of metering pump system is different from ordinary cock type pump body works. It is based on the strong corrosion characteristics of the material specially designed for measuring filling pump body. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cutting and clean work continuously, etc. This machine is suitable for packing material liquidity good soup, water, etc. Transverse, longitudinal intelligent temperature controller dual control of mould temperature, double rotor arm sealing, thermal effect is better. Design of the integrated electric knife, but N bags cut off, can avoid card bag, cutter, durable, can adjust the cutter location when the machine is running, which is convenient for the user's operation. Liquid packaging machine advantage 1. The machine adopts both English and Chinese liquid crystal display (LCD), the operating instructions at a glance. Menu interface, very easy and convenient. 2. Using CPU control system, intelligent photoelectric orientation, strong anti-interference, two bags of the cursor by abnormal outage alarm. 3. Stop function positioning, with color mark packaging material production such as packaging material through automatic stop. The packing bag of liquid packing machine to highlight your water chestnut is clear, we have a dedicated line pressing device, your products have the gas is released, we are on each bag you put on a one-way lock valve; Overweight affects the effect of packaging products, do you have a kind of carrier output unit, he can hold heavy products, after being packed to send products;
However, with the increased prevalence of weigher, it has become far more affordable.
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