Packaging machine cleaning methods and tips

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-23
Good mechanical equipment are not afraid to use for a long time, and they were afraid to use for a long time do not pay attention to clean and maintain. So it is for packing machine, use for a long time the body will not cause any damage, but if ignored cleaning and maintenance, so packaging machine will soon be out of the question. As fully automatic packaging machine application more and more widely, it is becoming more and more important role in the enterprise. So users will be more attention to packaging machine maintenance and maintenance work. Basic cleaning of the packaging machine: 1, should be timely clean after downtime metering section, for example, the packaging is a sugar, salt, powder, liquid, etc. , shall ensure that every day clean and blanking plate and the rotary table, make its are not affected by corrosion. 2, scattered on the tray of the material, need to clear in time, keep the parts clean. 3, photoelectric tracking light head, namely electric eye, should also be clean regularly, ensure the cursor small tracking error. 4, for the heat sealing machine, often should clean, to ensure the sealing of texture clear. 5, regular cleaning the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case of poor contact, etc. Packaging machine is we are now processing enterprises with more equipment, especially for the automatic packing machine, all is the use of the equipment, the general enterprise, packaging machine is a continuous operation in the production of packaging, if encounter the packaging season food, drugs, the enterprise is to want to undertake large quantities of uninterrupted operation for a long time, so there is no doubt that will aggravate wear of packing machine, at this moment is operators of food packages to be installed in a timely manner to the key work parts of a clean, so can effectively prevent the aging of food packages installed equipment, at the same time also can reduce the equipment failure rate, to a certain extent.
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