Particle packing factory domestic how to realize the breakthrough development

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-19
In recent years, with the continuous development of domestic packaging industry, represented by granular packaging machine packaging machinery industry are concerned by more and more people, the results have been obtained at the same time, we also need to clear understanding to the domestic grain packing factory development and similar foreign companies in the development of differences, then we will simply to introduce for everybody. Want to further reduce the domestic packaging industry and the development of packaging industry from abroad, we also need to walk a long way, including: 1, high precision, high speed and also essential to the advanced packaging equipment. This equipment can not only high-speed steady work, but also reduce the abnormal production time (as much as possible Such as raw material, machinery maintenance, search and wait for troubleshooting, etc. ) , this is a direct means of rate zui. Has made great progress this, we still need to work on. 2, automatic fault diagnosis and automatic recovery. The function of the implementation of the malfunction can reduce the time and labor costs and personnel training costs. Also solved the particle packing machine of excessive dependence on a technical type of work. 3, equipment, software to write. The machine's control software can easily modify and maintain. The standardization of the structure of the control program machine control software is clear, strong readability and easy to understand. Such a engineer of program is easy to understand by other engineers, can be easily and quickly complete system maintenance and upgrade. 4, the change is our machinery manufacturing idea, the so-called high level packaging equipment must be able to meet the market demand, strong flexibility is the first condition. For the same particle packing machine has simple operation, can change the types of packaging products and packaging forms. This function for small batch and many varieties of the market demand is very effective. And that is what our domestic grain packing machine does not have. Is specialized in research, production, sales of LCD computer control automatic packing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics, tea, cosmetic, desiccant, plastic, metal and other industries. Of particles, powder, liquid, highly viscous paste, paste, corrosive chemical, plastic hardware, screws and other irregular material the bag packaging, export to the world, favored by the majority of customers recognized!
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