Pillow packaging machine 6 breakdown maintenance solution

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-15
packing machine 6 breakdown maintenance solution, temperature is too high, too slow, coated outer heat resistance is poor, the trace of the sealing will be focal repair method is to adjust speed, lower temperature, the change of membrane material. Second, the knife is too high or too low, the packing speed quickly, push rod and the cutter is not synchronous, cutting DaoHui cutting on the product repair method is to reduce the packing speed, adjust the side sealing parts of the sealing knife center located right in the middle of product height. Three, colour is too light in color film film drive slippage, color code tracking not open cut position deviation colour would appear, then repair method is to refer to the packaging machine instructions, adjust its sensitivity. In the man-machine dialogue interface, will track mode switch to & other; Tracking cutting & throughout; 。 Four, solid state breaker burn, temperature control table damage, damage of thermocouple thermometer cannot control temperature, the repair method is replacement of galvanic couple, changing temperature control table, replace the heating element. Five, too fast, coated inner poor heat sealing, can appear at low temperature sealing leak sealing or unstable, repair method is to make the slowing down of, to raise the temperature, out of thin film materials. Six, air pressure, cylinder loose swinging rod, the heating temperature is low, hot pressing roller and driving roller is not parallel to the poor heat sealing would appear, repair method is to adjust the degree of parallelism, adjust the temperature and pressure to tighten. And note in the whole power supply must first insert the air induction plug, and lock screw. Can't use metal cover and metal container, more can't counter metal press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine. Should be in the process of work often touch-sensitive surface, check whether the overheating, if discover hot should stop heating, stay cool again after work; Will exist in the pillow packing body pressure, bottom have electricity, when maintenance is important to note that in order to avoid happen at risk.
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