Powder packing factory maintenance experience

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-08
Packaging factory production of powder packaging machine can automatically complete measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing, cutting easy tear process, can be used for all kinds of packaging materials, such as: flour, milk powder, soy, medicine powder, etc. Powder packaging factory in guangzhou next home for you to make a brief introduction about the powder packaging machine maintenance and maintenance tips. Advanced automation model not only effectively improved the production efficiency of enterprises, the packing of the product quality also get better safeguard, therefore, powder packaging machine has become one of the packaging equipment companies, but often have a lot of enterprises on the importance of the machine maintenance and maintenance method still don't understand, powder packaging machine must pay attention to the daily maintenance, because it can not only prolong the service life of equipment, and also won't fail because of this equipment and so forth. In powder packaging machine, in use process need to pay attention to in using the following: 1, on a regular basis to the gear mesh powder packaging machine, arrange ushering bearing oiling hole filling oil lubrication and the moving parts, once per shift, reducer oil-free operation is strictly prohibited. When filling oil, be careful not to the oil tank on the rotating belt, in case of lost due to skid or belt premature aging and damage. 2 when there was no oil, deceleration machine must not be running, and running after 300 hours, cleaning internal change new oil, then every work 2500 hours of an oil change. When add lubricant, don't put the oil on the drive belt, because it is caused by powder packaging machine slippage belt premature aging turn lost or damaged. Three, after the stop, in a timely manner to clean the metering section, often should clean heat sealing device, in particular the infusion of high sugar content of packaging materials, cleaning and rotary table and discharging door, heat sealing machine body is also need to often clean the part in order to keep the packing finished sealing lines clear, to the scattered materials should clean up in time, to facilitate clean the parts, and thus prolong its service life, better also often clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case caused by short circuit or poor contact electrical fault. 4, regular check each part of the powder packing machine screw, can not have loose phenomenon, otherwise, will affect the normal machine far, should be paid attention to and electrical parts for the waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, rat, to ensure the electric cabinet and terminals clean spot, in case of electrical failure, after downtime, should make the two heat sealing body in the open position, in case of burning the packaging materials.
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