Vertical packaging machinery equipment breakdown maintenance and treatment methods

by:Smart Weigh     2020-05-11
Failure reason elimination method 1, packaging materials have joint packaging materials tensile, off the burrs of mark is too big. 2, feeding motor line fault or line contact undesirable. 3, feeding proximity switch is damaged. 1, remove unqualified paper section. 2, maintenance for paper machine line. 3, replacement feeding proximity switch. Bag sealing lining uneven imprecise 1, packing materials. 2, sealing pressure is not uniform. 3, sealing temperature is low. 1, remove unqualified packaging materials. 2, adjust the sealing pressure. 3, improve the heat sealing temperature. Sealed against 1, heat sealing machine body position is wrong. 1, to adjust the heat sealing device body position. Bags cut constantly or local cutting 1, cutter location adjustment on the bag is not appropriate. 2, the cutter blade dull. 1, adjust the cutter location. 2, grinding or replace the heat sealing device of the blade body doesn't heat up 1, heating pipe damage. 2, line fault. 3, insurance tube is broken. 1, replace the heating pipe. 2, check the line. 3, replacement insurance tube. Heat sealing machine body 1, thermocouple temperature control circuit. 2, the temperature control meter damage. 1, the change of thermocouple. 2, change of temperature control meter. Feeding motor does not turn or turn up 1, feeding control rod stuck. 2, feeding proximity switch is damaged. 3, start, damage of capacitance. 4, insurance tube broken, or the power supply board failure. 1, solve the jam. 2, replacement feeding proximity switch. 3, change start capacitance. 4, replacement insurance tube, and check the power supply board, troubleshooting. Color calibration doesn't work 1, bag length setting doesn't fit, usually conditions as actual bag length less than colour standard length. 2, smooth roller decorative pattern, increase with the decrease of 1, friction bag length setting, the actual bag length slightly bigger than the standard color mark length. 2, change the wheel. Don't pull bags ( Don't pull bags motor running) 1, line fault. 2, pull bags proximity switch is damaged or pull bags transmission CAM distance. 3, control board failure. 4, stepping motor drive failure. 1, check the line, troubleshooting. 2, in pull bags proximity switch or adjust the bag - CAM distance. 3, change control board. 4, replace the stepping motor drives. Bags always stuck in the knife above 1, pull bags of timing advance. 2, block on the bag plate position is wrong. 1, readjust the pull bags of time. 2, adjust the block on the bag plate location. Liquid packaging machine weight is not stable, no filling material 1 and plug a handle is loose. 2, a large range of change. 3, pipe blockage; 4, cock cock rocker incorrect 1, fastening screw position. 2, material level control. 3, dredge pipe, 4, modifying the positions of cock. Filling machine 1, filling inappropriate position of proximity switch doesn't work; Control panel. Bad 1 2, drives, filling machine, adjust the proximity switch position, its transmission; Change control board. 2, change drivers or motor.
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