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What is The Common Introduction Of ​weighing And Packing Machine?


Weighing and packing machine can be divided into particulate objects, granules weighing packaging machines, automatic weighing packaging machines, food weighing packages, etc.

The actual significance of weight packing machine is very important. The packaging machine has the function of weighing, indicating that the packaging metering verification is more accurate. Compared with the general packaging machine, the characteristics of weighing packaging machines are plus packaging scales which can make sure that the packaged items can be greatly accurate, and the accuracy of the verification can greatly ensure the customer 's rights. In addition, this material is called the material of the stainless steel plate, and the medical care is more convenient.

Main use of multi-diversification of weighing and packing machine

1, Quantitative packaging of granular or powder-like raw materials such as fertilizer, fertilizer, feed, fine feed, feed, additive, soap powder, edible salts, flavors, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, seed, rice and so on.

2. Quantitative packaging of raw materials that are unsuitable for the opening method such as spiral, roulette.

Weighing and packing machine related products

Composition weighing automatic packaging machine, large medium-type column granule packaging machine, automatic pillow packaging machine, granule quantitative packaging machine, liquid automatic packaging machine, desktop all-in-one, vacuum packaging machine, tea leaves vacuum packaging machine and so on.

Maintenance and maintenance of weighing and packing machine

1, When the weight package is called, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be used immediately. Otherwise, the residual liquid will endanger the product quality of the next train, and immediately wipe the neat equipment and maintain a clean and clean.

2, regular maintenance, eliminate the dirty things in the surface of the copper plate, not allowed to have a fouling status, otherwise, the heat transfer rate is not reduced, the copper plate temperature is improved, and the heat seal hot melt bag is abnormal.

3. When there is an abnormal condition, you should immediately disconnect the power supply and apply it again after clear.

4, winter production, when the temperature is below 0 ° C, it is necessary to melt the quantitative pump and the frozen in the line, otherwise it will cause the crankshaft to break, or the device cannot be activated.

weighing and packing machine

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