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Smart Weigh 2018 Annual Party


Smart Weigh 2018 Annual party!

Annual party is company’s spring festival, the annual “family event”. In the annual party, we summarized the operation of the year, encourage team morale and award excellent employees, deepen internal communication, promote strategic sharing, enhance target recognition, and set goals for the second year.

Today is a special day, an expect day, all of us gather together celebrate one year’s harvest and looking forward to a better future.

Part 1
Hanson Wong
Marketing director
Presenter of this party
Mr. Gong
Making a short conclusion for 2018 Smart Weigh and plan for 2019.
Foreign guests

Look--they are excited!
Award outstanding employees  
Part 2

Enjoy delicious food  
Part 3

At this moment, you can taste the food and communicate with other colleagues. A good communication opportunity.

Part 4


There are three awards, first prize, second prize and third prize. We wrote the prize on the paper and put inside the red envelope , then put into the box in advance. When the game begin, you can select an envelope randomly. The prize is the envelope you extract. For example, if you choose the envelope that wrote first prize, then you can get first prize.

An interesting activity, isn’t it?

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