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Automated packaging line has become an industry development trend


Generally speaking, the production scale of various domestic machinery industries is continuously expanding, and with it, the increasing demand has given birth to the rapid development of various automated and highly intelligent professional production lines, especially those that are originally labor-intensive packaging field. As an industry that conforms to the automation and intelligence trend in the packaging field, the emergence of automatic packing has greatly improved the packaging machinery to meet the needs of automated production, improved the safety and accuracy of the packaging field, and further liberated the packaging labor.

Unreasonable industrial structure. Technical equipment relies on imports

These machines are mainly high-speed automated production lines with high output and strong reliability. Some of the equipment is currently the most advanced in small quantities. The introduction of packaging production lines has enabled some beverage and beer companies in China to recover their packaging levels and develop simultaneously. At the same time, China's packaging machinery production has also made considerable progress. High level, it can meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, some of them can replace imported equipment, and the export volume is increasing year by year. However, if the domestic equipment is to be strong, it still needs the support of supporting technology to completely improve the stand-alone situation. The research and development of the entire packaging and filling production line has become the development trend of the entire packaging industry.

Previous personnel pointed out that the domestic packaging machinery industry is still maintaining a state of rapid development, but the irrational industrial structure has hindered the development of the industry. After long-term market expansion, the industry has entered a stable period of adjustment and integration. At the same time, the reliance on imports of a complete set of large-scale production packaging lines also needs to be changed as soon as possible, because the excessive dependence on the introduction of technology has always hindered domestic packaging machines from going international A stumbling block to the market. There are still big differences in domestic packaging machinery, and we still need to continuously improve equipment technology.

Smartweigh automated packaging line

Green environmental protection is the development trend

China's manufacturing industry has always suffered from the problem of pollution first, governance afterwards. Not only has it caused a lot of waste of resources in the production process, but the later governance is not thorough enough, and at the same time it will pay more. In the production process of the automated packaging line, how we cannot do a good job in environmental protection at the same time in the production process of the packaging line is also a problem that we must consider when developing automated production technology.

In the field of automated packaging production, integration, intelligence, and green environmental protection will be the development trend of future automation technology. Packaging production line companies must take these factors into account in the production process in order to go more stable in the future production process.

At the same time, people's daily life requirements for packaging green and environmental protection are getting higher and higher. Manufacturers can only take these factors into account to remain invincible in the development of automated packaging lines. Moreover, this is also the requirement of the current development trend of automation science and technology for automated packaging production technology.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the production field introduces new requirements for packaging technology and packaging equipment, and the competition of packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. The advantages of automated packaging production lines will gradually expand, thereby promoting the overall development of the packaging machinery industry.

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