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What Are The Source & Types Of Multihead Weigher Machine?


Source of multihead weigher

In the 1970s, the Japanese Agriculture Association put forward the weighing topics of the weighing instrument companies. In Japan, green peppers are usually sold in supermarkets in the form of bags. If the quantitative value per bag is 120g, it is a very difficult thing to print 120G. Due to the weight of a single green pepper, it is relatively related to consumer interests, and has a lot of costs related to enterprises. The traditional way is the amount of labor, that is, in a static electronic, it is called, a green pepper is accumulated to 115g, and then I want to find a 5G heavy green pepper and almost impossible, then you must be from 115g Take a smaller green pepper, add another bigger green pepper. If the weight is larger than 120g or less than 120g, it is also necessary to repeat the above working, which is extremely low, and it is difficult to achieve the result of approaching the target weight (quantitative value). After a large number of investigating studies on this, the technicians successfully solved the above-mentioned green pepper weighing problem using the combined weighing principles.

Type of multihead weigher

As the name suggests, multihead weigher machine has many "heads", in fact, "weigh the fight", divided into 8 buckets, 10 buckets, 12 buckets, 16 buckets, 20 fights, 16 buckets , 24 buckets, etc. According to the use environment type, the multihead weigher machine is also divided into waterproof type, rust-resistant, anti-collision type, general purpose, etc., is adopted by food packaging, daily chemical, tobacco, hardware (granules) industry. Divided into double open door, large column, double-crockery, low noise single-door type.

multihead weigher

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