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Combine 10 head VFFS packing machine line


10 head VFFS packing machine line

Combine 10 head VFFS packing machine line



Target weight:75g

Bag type:pillow chain bag


Application:This packing line wisely apply in various kind of food and non food products such as pistachio, raisin, sun flower seed, popcorn, candy, green bean; for non food industry such as dye powder, plastic particle, stone, metal granule etc.


Smartweigh 75g snack packing line

Working procedures:

75g snack packing line is for one of our Nigeria customers.They want to make this automatic packaging to meet rising demand .Manual weighing and packaging is time consuming and laborious.

Chop up chin chin filling to multihead weigher via a Z type bucket conveyor. Multihead weigher contact with bucket conveyor with signal to control the amount of product.Linear feeder pan of weigher flowing and make snack smoothly into feed hopper, after that weight hopper take a second to select the combination that comes closest to the target weight then discharge to packing machine. Automatic VFFS filling and bagging bag in chain type or single bag.

Smartweigh multihead weigher

Special features:

Combine 10 head vertical packing line packing their chop-up chin chin at up to 45 bags per minute, doubling the speed compared with the previous manual packaging.

Small ground occupation automation solution perfect for limited space factory, no need additional equipment to support multihead weigher upon packing machine, less space needed and cost saving.

Chain bag and non chain bag for option to meet different needs. 8/10 chain bag design bag is a good show case when hanging up at the shelf of store.

Compact design easy for operation and maintain. For the whole packing machine it needs one or two workers.

10 head or 14 head weigher is available for different production capacity.

Automatic weighing, filling and packing, double the speed of labour packing.

Our customers said the chin chin snack are now processed quickly, precisely and gently.

10 head or 14 head weigher

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