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Development Trend Of Grain Packing Machine In The Near Future


With the development of industry, the way and procedures of food production evolved dramatically, the packaging extent of automation, mechanization and intelligentialize is increased through packing machine. The grain packing machine not only meet the basic packing requirement, but also develop machine to meet more special packing requirements.

As the advanced and stable packing equipment, the grain packing machine is mainly applying in snacks, seeds, candies, sugar, tea and etc. High speed and accuracy.

First, the grain packing machine is controlled by mother board, which is powerful data-handling capacity and rich control resources.

Second, the multihead weigher packing machine will stop and alarm when there is breakdown, reduce the loss of raw material and film roll. At the same time, it can save 99 product parameters, ensure the continuity of production.

Third, the packaging equipment is made of stainless steel, safe for food production.

Forth, easy operation and maintenance.

 The age of mechanization was past; automation is new trend for food packing industry. Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery will unswervingly take the road of automation development and push the product to a higher level.

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