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Replacement procedures of multihead weigher top cone



Remove all feed hopper and feeder pan of multihead weigher.

Record the location of the waterproof cover (so it easy to mount it back to the same location)

Remove all dust ring of waterproof cover.

Find the solid screw on the waterproof cover and remove it all.

Then you can lift the waterproof cover up.

Then find the main vibrator and replace the new up. Middle is main vibrator, side is linear vibrator.Please note that when installing the vibrator line,be sure to install in place.

After replacing the main vibrator, all components follow original position to install back.

Finally, please mind the method when installing the dust ring, or else it will be more difficult to install in place.

When get dust ring, then turn the dust ring, see below picture.

Install the vibrator part, then install the dust ring part.

All are installed in place then install dust ring spring.

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