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How to pack Daily Mixture Nuts into pouches, jar?

    SmartWeigh Pack developed a new mixture nuts auto weighing packing machines for high speed and high precision, speed is up to 45 bags/min ( 45 x 60 minutes x 8 hours = 21,600bags/day). Individual nut weight can be controlled in different percentage, and the final mixture accuracy weight can be controlled within 1g.           

      This weigher is flexible integrated with vertical form fill sealing machine, premade pouch packing machine, jar/bottle filling and capping machine, from pillow bag to premade zipper bag, only need to change different style of packaging machine. 

   It is mainly apply for mixture nuts, up to 6 kinds of nuts can be weighed on the same 24 head combination weigher (with memory hopper function). It is also suitable for all kinds of Almond, Dried cranberries, Cashew nut, Blueberry, Strawberry, Walnut, Raisin, etc.



       The distinguish advantage for our smartweighpack 24 head combination weigher with memory function: 24 head can work as 48 heads with its memory function, thus it can weighing 6 kinds of nuts easily, 8 head for each type of nut will get very good combination weight.


      Scope of auto weighing packing machines, reference pictures and videos as below



Daily Mixture Nuts (25-50g/bag)


Up to 45 bags/min ( 45 x 60 minutes x 8 hours = 21,600bags/day)







Z Bucket Conveyor

4-6 pcs to feeding various kinds of nuts


24 head multihead  weigher

Auto weighing 4-6 kinds of nuts and filling together


Supporting Platform

Support 24 head on top of bagger


Premade pouch packing machine or Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine or Canning Seal Machine

Packing by Doy Pack or Pillow Bag or Jar/Bottle


Check Weigher & Metal Detector

Detecting weight and metal in bag

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