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How to quickly replace the multihead wegiher’s hopper


How to quickly replace the multihead wegiher’s hopper

1.First,remove all the hopper and hopper hanging in a correct way.Too much pressure on the sensor is not allow .

2.When remove all the hopper then install the new hopper.All the hopper and the hanging pieces need to match.

3.Be sure to keep the balance of the hopper during the installation, which can be adjusted according to the installation position of the hopper, so that the screws on both sides of the hopper won't touch the aluminum box.



4.Be sure to install weigh hopper well,or it will directly affect weighing result.

When install weigh hoppers hanging pieces,it must hold the haning piece by hand so that the sensor will not be pressed heavily.It is important to note below places after installation.







5.After installed(hopper),pay attention to the position of each hopper and the distance of the linear feeder pan and the feed hopper,the feed hopper and the weigh hopper, the weigh hopper and discharge chute.


6.Open the manual page and select all the hopper to run continuously to observe whether all the hopper has a collision problem.


7.To ensure that the installation is good after running,then need to make the calibration of weigh hopper. When all calibration is completed,then press Zero on the running page,and turn to the manual page to check the sensor, use the weight to check all weigh hopper again.



8.Make sure all the sensors are normal, then you can run the multihead weigher.




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