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How to replace sensor-check weigher



First loosen the fixed handle on the weighing belt
Remove the drive belt
Take the entire weighing belt down, loosen the two screws with ten open-end wrenches or sleeves, and remove the shelf.
Loosen the screw of the protective cover with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the protective cover.
Unscrew the four screws on the sensor mounting box with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the module.
Separate the old sensor and module with a soldering iron, and solder the new sensor in order. (Note that the welding sequence should not be mistaken. Take a picture before removing it.)
Use a hex wrench to separate the bad sensor from the mount and install the new one.
After installation, please check that the two positions cannot be touched each other, about three to four sheets of paper.
The direction of sensor installation must be downward.
Finally, install them in the order and then calibrate after installation.
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